What is one of the differences between a smart phone’s camera and a standalone camera? One of the differences is that you can use a tripod with a standalone camera, but what about your smart phone? Thankfully, with the Pop Scope Smart Phone Tripod, you are able to use a multi-use tripod with your smart phone.

The tripod stand allows you to take photos on your phone while having a steady base. The tripod’s three legs extend out to keep your smart phone level and the tripod’s grip keeps your phone secure while you enjoy taking pictures with family and friends, or snapping selfies. The tripod’s grip adjusts to the angle you desire and the telescoping rod extends to your desired height. You can also use the tripod to record video on your smart phone’s camera, so you do not have to hold your phone and are free to focus on your video.

The tripod is great in its concept and most of its execution. One minor complaint with this tripod is not with the stand itself but with the features is does not come with. When I got the stand, I expected it to come with a photo timer app, such as a links to recommended photo timer apps.

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However, it is up to you to find your own photo timer app that you like. They do not need to include an app but it would be quite helpful that they have a list of photo timer apps. This way, you are able to spend more time trying out to see which app you like instead of searching for which apps to try out.

I like how easy it is to use the stand. It takes seconds to switch between the multiple stand positions. The instructions that came with the stand do a good job of showing how to open and close the stand. It also clearly shows the steps in how to switch the stand into its different positions.

The stand is a great tool, which allows you to take selfies. It also helps you to temporarily convert your cell phone into a real camera. I enjoy using this stand and think it is definitely worthy of purchase.


The stand is still on kickstarter, please help it succeed by visiting the following link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/474886025/521397548?token=0ce4755b