Here we go again... Some days before E3 started, I heard some people claiming this was gonna be the best E3 of all time. Why? Simply because they thought it was gonna be, no explanations were made, they just said it, and people swallowed it. The problem with this, is that not only E3 has been, well not mediocre, but it hasn't been up to the expectations of the thousands of gamers out there, (even if some of you blindly believe it did).

Now, as it's now usual, after E3, a bunch of sites are coming with their "Who won E3" articles to get thousands of hits from fanboys and other scum I won't dare to talk about. But in all honesty, do you guys, seriously think someone won E3? Let's think about it for a second, did someone had us on our toes for 45 minutes shouting like a girl getting raped in the back of an alley? Nope, and here's why...

Microsoft and Sony didn't show anything that we didn't expect, those conferences were boring, and I know guys, Halo 4 and PSVita, but who didn't see Halo 4 coming? We all know Microsoft's love for milk, don't we? And the PSVita, well, no surprise here, we all knew it was gonna be there, and we all knew already what it could do, what Sony did was revive the hype for it with some few game announcements and Uncharted. I'm not gonna talk more about this press conferences because this is mainly the selling points of these 2 bad boys.

Now, here is where I think some of you will shoot me, but please try to get my point. Nintendo... ahh, I remember the days when my mother told me to turn off the console because it was 3am in the morning and I was still playing Zelda: OoT. Right now all I get is my mom trying to get me off the console so she can play Wii Fit. My life aside, Nintendo today showed the Wii U, and many of you, are already writing thousands of reasons telling us why Nintendo won E3.

However, no on actually won. (waits for it...) Yep, they didn't, as I said, no one won E3. To make it simple for you guys, yeah, the Wii U was the best announcement out of the 3 conferences, but yet again, we all knew it was coming, what else did they tell you about the console? That it's gonna use an iPad with analog sticks as a controller, check. But where are the specs? Where are the prices? Where are the games?! Yeah yeah, I know, and before you start writing the "ZOMG DUDE, LE ZELDA!" comment, let me tell you, I saw it too.

In fact, even if they hadn't shown it, I would definitely know it's coming. I have no idea what is it that happened during the conference, but I was hearing some people say, "you saw that? It can run Battlefield!" Dude. STOP EMBARRASSING YOURSELF. Yes, it can run Battlefield, but wouldn't it be logical for a console coming out in 2012 to run a game that is releasing in 2011?!

Speaking of games, I want to make things clear, I have nothing against Nintendo, in fact, I love some of the games they make, *fan hat on* but I don't want to get a Wii U so I can play New Super Mario Bros Mii (yet the... again), I don't want to play Wii sports again, let them go Nintendo, I don't know what happened to you guys.

Rewind some years, and you would have seen Nintendo show great launch titles and fresh ideas, now all we get is Donkey Kong with the incredible story of "let's get the bananas back!" (again), Mario trying to rescue Peach... again, and the same games which we've already seen. They innovate in some ways, but seriously, it still is the same game we know from the past, repacked and sold for 60 dollars.

Now, the tech demo, yep, impressive, but remember PS3's FFVII Tech demo? Now tell me which PS3 game looks like that even after all this years? (and don't say FFXIII cause you would be lying to yourself and you would need to be shot in the head immediately.) I can release a console and show a video of a real person and say: "This is what it can do". Will it happen? Of course not. But if it doesn't happen it's not my fault, the hardware can do it, but no one has done it. And I'm not saying it will not happen, it might will, who knows. But as of right now, and with no specs given, I'm calling shenanigans.

Closing this article, I would like to return to my first paragraph and ask you all, did someone really win E3? Did someone really stood up and showed us gamers what we really wanted? What we really were expecting? Did someone took us by the hand and gave us a real reason as why we should spend our free time on their console? The answer is simple, NO. The 3 of them only see us right now as wallets. And they want to get their hands in.