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Mad Blocker Alpha: Revenge of the Fluzzles Interview

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Game Interviews

We had the pleasure of getting a few questions answered by Paddy Murphy, CEO of Open Emotion Studios

What inspired you make this game?

The biggest inspiration behind Mad Blocker Alpha is Columns from the Sega Genesis (Megadrive) but to be honest there were others. Puzzle Fighter 2 is a game that I myself am hugely fond of. The concept was basically to deliver a little more depth and personality to puzzle games.

While developing the game, what was the hardest issue(s) that you came across?

Well it was the first PS Mini we developed so we had a large number of technical issues, but more than anything else something we weren't prepared for was trying to get Game Design to a level we were all happy and agreeable at. It can be tough but in MBA we tried our best to allow everyone on the team a chance to speak up on Game Design issues.

What was your "best moment" during development?

Its actually so hard to remember... I don't think there was any during development, ha ha, but afterwards when it first launched on the store I remember Colm (Lead Programmer) saying it was on the store an everyone just went silent and stared at the screen in awe... it was like... Whoa... this actually happened...

Were you able to incorporate all of the ideas that were proposed?

Oh god no, ha ha. Mid-way through development we remembered that it was a Mini and loads of (really cool) ideas had to be scrapped. We still think its pretty full for a Mini, but if we get to make the sequel there will be some really unique elements that didn;t make it into MBA popping up ...

If the answer to the previous question is no, would you add those other ideas through DLC or make a possible sequel?

We have plans for a sequel/expansion of the franchise which we would love to bring to all the major digital delivery networks but we are working with publishers now to see where and when that game will be possible.

Are there any plans to bring Mad Blocker Alpha: Revenge of the Fluzzles to Wii or Live?

It's something we would love to do but I suppose we will just have to wait and see how the new Mad Blocker iteration fares with publishers. We really want to release a solid Mad Blocker experience on Live and eShop if possible...

Can you provide any insight into your next title?

Our title after Mad Blocker Alpha, which is due to release in the USA on the 5th of July is called Ninjamurai and it's an old school action platformer, with a new school twist. The game is getting very positive critical acclaim here in the EU and we really hope that people in the US enjoy the game when it launches there. It's a pretty tough game but it's a nice blast back to a time when games were hardm checkpoints were few and controllers often got broken :P

Any special advice for the fans playing Mad Blocker Alpha: Revenge of the Fluzzles. Something like a special gameplay tactic or a hidden gem?

There is one bug/cheat that would make the game sooo easy :) I can't say too much but it involves the roulette wheel and the pause button... Ha ha...

How do you like the PS3/PSP as a platform for game development?

We love it, to be honest we are hoping to get onto other platforms too, but our relationship with Sony is quite strong so we are happy out working with them, on their devices for now anyway. We would love to do work on the PSV and we also have some stuff coming soon to PS Home.

Any advice for people starting out with game development? It does not matter what platform they are using.

The only advice we can really give is that if you are passionate about videogames, whether your field is art, music, programming or game design, just get stuck into it. Make games or do game design in your spare time, start on flash or iPhone development and just build a rep for yourself... After a few years it may all just pay off big time :) Don't expect to get anywhere by not having some work under your belt...