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Suspect In Sight Interview

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Game Interviews

We had the pleasure of getting some questions answered by Michal Stepien – C.E.O. of Jujubee Games Studio.

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What inspired you to make Suspect In Sight?

It is hard to say what inspired us to make "Suspect In Sight!", as the game is quite unique. What is sure is that we wanted to make a product that would bring something fresh to the table and I believe we achieved this goal. We also wanted to provide highly-detailed and advanced 3D graphics. Our 3D artists are great in this field as they worked on such triple A titles as The Witcher 2 or LEGO: Indiana Jones and we wanted to show their potential.

Last but not least, we wanted to make a game that would be suitable for the mobile market, this is why "Suspect In Sight!" is perfect for the accelerometer, even though you can also play with the virtual joystick. Besides we like comic books and sarcastic humor, so the game is an ironic take on the "cops & robbers" genre.

While developing the game, what was the hardest issues that you came across?

From time perspective I believe this would be the difference in the performance of mobile devices - it is really hard to make a game with such graphics and a lot of content, and make it run smoothly on older hardware. We are very pleased that in the end we achieved this task, but it wasn't easy.

What was your "best moment" during development?

Usually the "best moment" is when your game is ready to ship;). In our case the best moment was when Apple featured our game in the "New & Noteworthy" section of their store. Even though the game was out we were still developing it, because we were constantly working on big updates that introduced missions and a new city.

Actually we are still improving this title and very soon Android and iOS users will be able to play our new release called "Suspect In Sight: Anniversary Edition", a new, polished and improved in many ways version of the original "Suspect In Sight!".

Were you able to incorporate all of the ideas that were proposed?

Eventually we did, but it was a long way to go. On the other hand we knew from the beginning that we would feed the game with many updates that would bring new content and improvements and the current version features all our ideas, such as 3 cities, 30 missions, collectibles, many extras, and so on.

The "Anniversary Edition", that is also coming to Android devices, will be a refreshed and improved version with some tweaks and changes made into the gameplay, so it should be even more enjoyable. We hope that players will agree and also find this new release very entertaining.

If the answer to the previous question is no, would you add those other ideas through DLC or make a possible sequel?

DLC might become available in the FREE version, however right now we are focused on "Suspect In Sight: Anniversary Edition", our new release. It will not be a sequel, but an improved and refreshed version of "Suspect In Sight!", but on the other hand it should offer a little bit different experience and take better profit of the higher performance of newer devices, such as the iPhone 5.

We did many optimizations and we managed to bring a better title with a much smaller binary file, so the game will take much less storage on the device as we are aware that for many players this is a very important factor.

Are there any plans to bring the title to consoles via PSN or XBLA?

PSN or XBLA rather not, but who knows. There are however other possibilities beyond these options, such as PC/Mac and OUYA, and I can reveal that we are taking these platforms into serious consideration.

Now that the title is completed, can you provide any insight into your next title?

We are now porting FLASHOUT 3D to Mac, PC and some other platforms, we are also putting the final touches to "Suspect In Sight: Anniversary Edition" and this game is coming out for iOS and Android probably at the beginning of next month. But we are already also working on two new titles.

All I can say is that one of them will be an isometric futuristic shoother and the second one an action-fantasy title, sadly I cannot give you more info on these projects at the moment. I think we will reveal them in a month or two and both games will be out in 2013.

Any special advice for the fans playing the game, something like a special gameplay tactic or a hidden gem?

My suggestion is to play the game on the accelerometer. Because you fly a helicopter, this control setting gives you great precision and most players find it really enjoyable and just perfect for the job. Another important advice is to try to catch the villains at the first attempt, cause you will get a points multiplier.

With a high multiplier it should be much easier to beat your best score. Also make sure to unlock better and faster choppers and to complete missions when they are available. Each mission can give you additional points or extra time. Additionally, always try to predict how the villain will behave and be prepared for a sharp turn.

How do you like iOS as a platform for game development?

What we like about the iOS platform is that it is really friendly for the developer and that there are not that many device models on the market as in the case of Android. It is easier to test the game before the release and make it look exactly how we wanted. The iOS has also nice standard features that can enhance the gameplay, such as Game Center. There are alternatives on Android, but it's always better when there's a standard and when we can be sure that all players will be able to use all available in-game's features.

Any advice for people starting out with game development? (Regardless of platform)

Try to complete any project, and by any project I don't necessarily mean a game. It can be anything, even a successful website. A game is always a complex project and if you want to make a product that would become popular and enjoyable, you will probably not be able to make it alone. You will need a budget and a team with programmers, graphicans, musicians and so on.

Of course it all depends on the scale of the project, but in general you will need a team and some money. Also take note that you won't complete your first game on schedule. If you think you'll be able to finish the development of a game in two months, be aware that it will probably take four or five months. There are so many problems that can and will occur, that you need to be prepared. And there are many important decisions you need to make, for instance you need to decide if your game will be distributed for free, if you will release it with the help of a publisher or not, etc.

All these decisions should affect how the game would look like. A free-to-play game is a completely different project than a paid one. You also need to avoid a very common mistake, the game cannot be too hard, you need to balance it wisely. If you think that your game is easy to play, remember that it is easy to play for you. You know this game in 100%, so you know how to achieve great results. But what's easy for you, might not be so easy for someone else. This is why you need to test the game, listen to the feedback and make sure to improve the game before you release it.

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