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Overload - Interview

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Game Interviews

We had the pleasure of getting an interview with Matt Toschlog. He is the programmer and co-project director, for Overload - The Ultimate Six-Degree-of-Freedom Shooter.

As a dev that started their game on Kickstarter, how do you feel when other kickstarter devs have taken advantage of gamers. By this i mean that some other devs have either; run out of money, under delivered on promises, cancel the game altogether and/or lack of communication.

I don't think there are many developers who actually intend to take advantage of backers, but making games is hard and there are a lot of inexperienced developers out there. So it's not surprising that some projects fail.

I certainly think it's good for potential backers to pay close attention to the background of the developers and what their specific plans are. On the other hand, sometimes it's fun to take a chance and back a newbie with a cool idea. It may be risky, supporting something new and innovative can be worth it.

Why do you think there are so few games that use six-degree-of-freedom? I am unable to think of many games that do.

Six-degree-of-freedom games tend to be a little harder to master than typical FPS games, so it's not surprising that they're a little less popular. (Plus there's the problem that some people suffer motion sickness from these games.) But the cool thing is that the people who make the effort to master these games often become passionate advocates.

And there has been a nice resurgence in 6DOF games recently, with cool new titles including Sol Contingency, SubLevel Zero, and Descent: Underground.

What inspired you to make this game?

We've been wanting to make an updated 6DOF game for a long time, and finally the pieces just fell together. Mike Kulas and I were both available to work on the project, and Luke Schneider (our lead designer) was between projects excited to work on Overload. The final piece was when we were able to get Chris Claflin, who had worked on Descent 3 and is the lead artist of Overload.

Since developing the game, what was the hardest issue(s) that you came across?

Well, we're still developing the game, and I'm sure we'll run into lots of hard issues as we work to finish it up. For us, the hardest part so far has been the Kickstarter campaign. It was exciting and gratifying, but also exhausting.

What has been your "best moment" during development?

The best part so far (apart from making our Kickstarter goal) was when we got the player ship physics the way we wanted them. Playing the game and feeling that everything was "just right" was a great moment.

How do you like the PC and consoles as a platform for game development?

I think PC and consoles will both be great for Overload. Twenty years ago there was a larger difference between the kinds of games that people played on PC and console, but these days not so much.

Any advice for people starting out with game development? It does not matter what platform they are using.

Just do it. There are great tools available for game development these days, so anyone can grab something like Unity and get started. The more you do the more you'll learn