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Castle Vox Interview

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Game Interviews

We had the pleasure of getting a interview with Dustin Quasar Sacks, Chief Gaming Officer, about Castle Vox What inspired you make this game?

I used to play a lot of Axis & Allies boardgame in my youth. I really liked that game, but thought it took way too long to play. So I came upon the idea of a same-time turns world domination game. Same-time turns means you're never waiting for the other players to go - it's always your turn too!

While developing the game, what was the hardest issue(s) that you came across?

The hardest thing for us was getting the word out afterwards - the marketing.

What was your "best moment" during development?

When the World War II map was finished.

Were you able to incorporate all of the ideas that were proposed?

Haha, never! There's always things that have to get trimmed in order to finish the game (nukes and missiles being two items).

If the answer to the previous question is no, would you add those other ideas through DLC or make a possible sequel?

It's possible...

Are there any plans to bring Castle Vox to PSN or Live?

No, the big consoles aren't a good fit for small developers like Sillysoft.

Can you provide any insight into your next title?

It will be a cat inspired mobile title. Press Here for the teaser image.

Any special advice for the fans playing Castle Vox. Something like a special gameplay tactic or a hidden gem?

Use combined forces in battles (tanks and pawns together attack better then just tanks).

How do you like the PC as a platform for game development?

It's where we started, and still a good market, but we're eyeing mobile more now.

Any advice for people starting out with game development? It does not matter what platform they are using.

Just do it! Make a game and put it out there!