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FFX - Tidus had Black Hair in Beta

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Game News

With the recent scans showing the latest images and information about FFX and FFX-2 HD, from our friends at Gaming Everything, we thought it was time to show a video from when FFX was still in beta.

Anyone who has played either games knows that Tidus had blonde hair. However, it would seem that for a short time, he had black hair. Which hair color do you like more? Should players get the option to change his hair color once FFX and FFX-2 HD released?

{tab=Black Hair}

    From video:

    This is the first video ever shown for Final Fantasy X. It includes features that didn't make it into the final game (PlayOnline) and also Tidus' character model is much better than the final version.

The video below is the same as the video above, its just been added in case.

{tab=Blonde Hair} FFX Intro