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Defiance's Arkfall Codes are "out of the box" thinking

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Game News

Defiance has done it right with Arkfall codes. Several days ago, we showed the list of Arkfall codes that gets updated on a daily basis. The guys over at Trion Worlds have thought of such a great idea and I must say that they truly thought outside the box. There are several benefits that Trion has created for themselves by using Arkfall codes.

1 - Engage the gamer: Normally, before a game comes out, one must simply wait till the X day comes and do nothing other than waiting. However, with the use of these codes, gamers have something to look forward to each day, knowing that each code will allow them to unlock something.

2 - Anyone can do it: These Arkfall codes can be used by anyone at anytime.

3 - You need to stay updated with the game: The codes are given in various forms; via email, trailers, website source codes and many others.

4 - Think about the game 24/7: I must abmit that i have fallen into the Arkfall code trap, i won't complain though. I am consently thinking about if new codes have been posted it.

5 - A game in its own right: Looking for the codes is truly a game in its own right. Its like we are playing in a massive easter egg hunt with the eggs being replaced with codes.

6 - The benefits are worth your time: The benefits that one greats from these codes are awesome, the list of benefits will help all who take the time to find and use the codes.

The images below are some examples of where the codes appear.

    Image 1 - The "VBI Weapons" video has this "fccePO" code hidden in it (Bottom Right Corner).

     photo 1_zpse6cc04ac.jpg

    Image 2 - Another Arkfall Code, "o2am1s", this one shows up on a Radio Dashboard in the Ark Hunter Chronicles: Episode 2 video.

     photo 2_zpsc9b89fe2.jpg

    Image 3 - An ad for "Badlands Pizza" found on

    - The phone number is 1-555-lfm6rv - "lfm6rv" is an Arkfall Code.

     photo 3_zps62a1b821.jpg

    Image 4 - An ad for Hellbug Extermination found on

    - The phone number is 1-555-A1aqCa - "A1aqCa" is an Arkfall Code

     photo 4_zpsd3f02fc0.jpg