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DmC: Devil May Cry (360/PC/PS3)

Written by Syam Araragi on . Posted in Video Games

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First of all, it's a reboot. I can see that some of the fans (or most of them) are not happy with the new, redesigned, Devil May Cry.

From what I heard, mostly are not satisfied just simply because of "The characters are not as cool as before". Like, come on, if you are a true fan of Devil May Cry, you should give this one a chance. Try to let go of the old Devil May Cry and ...well... reboot your view towards the game too. Not all reboots will turn out bad...and of course, there can still have bad reboots too. How about this game then? Let us find out.

My first impression while playing this game, well, it does feel different. As you can see from previous DMCs, there are like, not that many modern building structures or high tech tools present in those games, only few. So yea, the settings in this new DmC are highly influenced by the modern world; modern building/skyscrapers, cars, technology, the way people dresses, etc.

Even the new Dante looks like a typical punk you'll see in movies; went to clubs, got drunk, got laid...and so on. But still, it works. The game manages to give you a new, fresh look, of DmC. Thumbs up to that. But yea, I do agree, the old DMCs have cooler main characters. As for this game, it wasn't that bad in my opinion. The characters are bearable at least.

The storyline really starts from the beginning, from Dante not knowing anything to everything. There is not that much to say about the storyline though, it is basically the same as any DMCs games; start from somewhere, starts to learn what's going on, kill the final boss.

In this game, you will be introduced to a new character, Kat, who is working under a secret organization called "The Order" to bring down Mundus, a demon who controls the whole city (or pretty much controls EVERYTHING). Kat will guide you for most of the time in the game. Later then Dante will meet up with Virgil, who is the head of The Order, and a brother, to bring down Mundus for good.

Now for the graphics, If you have played other games made by Ninja Theory, you should have the idea on how good they are with the graphics. In my opinion, DmC's graphics are about the same as Ninja Theory's game "Enslaved: Odyssey to the West", maybe better for some parts.

In this game, you can either be in normal state or limbo state; limbo state is like another dimension where the demons are situated, and for you to kill them of course. I like how they designed the limbo stages, each does have the weird and freaky feel, but still maintains the connection/similarities to the normal world.

The sound effects are nice too. For each weapon you acquired, any succesful hits does give out a nice, satisfying feeling. Besides the sound effects, two things that I find not so pleasant are the voice acting and dialogues, which is not really a big deal though. For some scenes, the voice acting can be a little awkward, also, the dialogues are cheezy sometimes. Well, I hope Ninja Theory will do better in the next installment.

The gameplay. The same as previous DMCs, the gameplay is awesome! Even the control scheme for PC version has been changed, now it is easier to control and make awesome combos! One thing though, you don't just hit the demons until it die, some of them requires you to use the correct weapon in order to kill it. I am guessing this is a piece of cake if played using the Xbox 360 controller, but as for keyboard and mouse player, it sure gets confusing sometimes when you want to change the weapon.

But still, after some time, you should be able to get used to it.....or just buy the Xbox 360 controller. Also, I don't know if it's just me, but it feels easier to get up to SSS combos, compared to the old DMCs. I am guessing they have lowered the difficulty for the combo meter?

The boss fights are okay, for most of them. To me, Devil May Cry 3 still has the most awesome boss fights ever, but that doesn't mean this game sucks, just that, it can get really easy sometimes. The hard ones are not so bad though, the level of satisfaction is still acceptable. I hope there will be even awesome-er boss fights in next installment.

Okay, even though I said we shouldn't compare this game to the old DMCs since it's a reboot, I did mention the previous DMCs over and over again, but as you can see, I only compare the necessary ones; the gameplay. Overall, if you want a good 'hack and slash' game with satisfying challenges, and of course, if you are a DMC fan, then I do recommend this game.

The game is nicely done. With a total of 20 missions, you'll get a decent hours of gameplay and action. They do succeeded in making a brand new DMC without sacrificing any major elements such as the storyline or each character's development throughout the game. From what I can see, this game will be a good stepping stone for more awesome DmC games to come.