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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (PS4) Review

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Games

It’s that time of year again. Another Call of Duty installation has arrived. Now we must ask ourselves, does Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare separate itself from its predecessors? And has the inclusion of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Remastered helped or made this newest entry in the series worse?

I must say that Infinite does something new and better than any of its predecessors in regards to its single player campaign. Yes, it does have your standard linear story that one may love or hate and that is expected in most FPS type games. The story itself is pretty simple. The Earth gets attacked by humans who have been born off world, due to differences in beliefs and such. In response, the Earth sends you to retaliate. I like this story much more than those in the previous titles. I guess it’s due to the fact that it’s not another story that only occurs on Earth.

Enough with the story, it’s time to talk about where the single player gameplay really shines. One reason that it shines is that you are able to do much more than just follow a simple story from start to end. You are able to do side missions that will benefit you throughout the story. It is your call to do them or not. It’s a simple idea but makes it feel that this FPS is trying to take some ideas from the RPG or Role Playing Game genre. It is something that is done well and should continue to be used.

Did I mention that this is one awesome looking game? I am playing on the standard PS4 and it’s just amazing. The destroyed buildings that you walk through look so realistic. I can see that special attention was taken in regards to the lighting effects too. The dust that lifts off the ground and environmental debris from weapon fire is so real.

I have not even mentioned how space looks. One scene in particular made me take a double take. The scene occurred over our very own Jupiter. Man, oh man, it looked marvelous. I could see the various wind streams and twisters that were occurring on the planet. If you showed this scene to anyone, they would think that NASA took it and they would not believe that is was not real. I can only imagine how this game would looking using the PS4 Pro.

Something new that Infinite introduces into multiplayer is active missions. It’s something new and exciting that makes one want to preform even better. Some such missions include: get 5 kills with a rifle or use 3 different guns to kill someone. The cool thing about these missions is that once you complete them, they slowly increase in difficulty throughout the match. Once you get 5 kills, the mission slowly increases to 6 kills, etc. The further you go the more unlock points you receive at the end of the match.

Just like previous games, there are also different player classes called Combat Rigs instead of Specialists. As one would suspect, each Rig has its own attributes known as Payload and Trait. Just as payload implies, it’s what special item you are using, such as a heavy beam rifle or an assault shield. Traits on the other hand have generally passive abilities. Some include the ability to regenerate health faster or start the match with a full ammo load. The Warfighter Rig has one of my favorite traits because it allows your score streak not to reset once you’re killed though it’s harder to earn your score streak. That is something I really like because I am not skilled enough to keep my score streak long enough without getting killed.

I am extremely happy that Infinite Warfare included Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - Remastered. For a game that is nearly a decade old, it’s still a killer game to play. By no shape or form is Modern Warfare - Remastered a simple re-release onto a newer generation of consoles. It has been given the AAA remastered treatment and should be used as the benchmark for any future games to come.

I am not one to try to platinum a shooter but Modern Warfare - Remastered does include trophy support this time. I am only 3 trophies away from getting the platinum. I had a blast playing it countless times to earn the trophies. In regards to multiplayer, it still has the fun and excitement that made it a stellar game when I first played it in 2007. It has reminded me as to how much of an influence that this game has had on the shooter genre. It setup features that shooters are still following to this day.

I am very happy to say that both games do not disappoint. If you’re looking for a shooter to play, then without a doubt you should pick up Infinite Warfare. I also want to mention that there was an uproar for having to pay around $20 extra for Modern Warfare - Remastered. The game was remastered flawlessly and I believe that anyone who plays it will not complain about the additional cost.