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The Emergence of New Technology in the World of Gaming

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While the gaming industry today is already considered as cutting-edge and impressive, there are more innovations that are expected to emerge in the future. Hence, this will make gaming more high-tech and trailblazing. If you are a gaming enthusiast, you will be delighted to know that new technologies will change the world of gaming. Here are new features you can expect in the world of gaming:

Immersive Gaming

The comeback of virtual gaming is expected to take place and the interface is going to be a breakthrough. It is quite a surprise that 3D films existed many decades ago but because of high costing, this technology didn’t take flight. As of today, we have witnessed 3D films such as Avatar, which became a blockbuster in the movie industry. While 3D invaded the movie screens, it too has its fair share in the gaming world. 3D games today are widespread producing high-quality graphics where it’s already difficult to identify which are a real-life scene and a video game. From this interface, what should be expected beyond 3D?

Immersive gaming is the futuristic approach to virtual gaming that will be made possible by the upcoming Oculus Rift. Created by Palmer Luckey, this VR Head-Mounted Display or HMD produces a number of innovative features such as an immersive stereoscopic 3D, quick response head tracking system and massive display view of 107 degrees. All these comprises a fully enhanced virtual reality gaming. As the Oculus Rift goes mobile, it is expected that mobile gamers shall have a more enhanced gaming experience where interaction with opponents can be manipulated.

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Secondary Screens

With the influx of handheld devices such as tablets and smartphones, the war among major game consoles (Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony) continue to rise as they are on a rush to create a device that produces a secondary screen for players. This secondary screen shall be exhibited in these game consoles in different formats. Nintendo Wii U promotes its built-in touchscreen that will function as a supplement to games.

Microsoft Xbox unveils its SmartGlass that functions as an additional app for gamers that will encourage interactive gaming. Sony takes pride with its Cross-Play feature, which allows gamers to transfer from one gaming device to another without closing and opening a game. More enhanced secondary screens are the next big thing in future gaming and this will make the visual aspect busier and more active.

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Debut of the Tegra K1

It was envisioned that Tegra K1 is the future of mobile gaming as outlined by Nvidia. The Tegra K1 is said to outsmart major game consoles such as PS3 and Xbox 360 in terms of advanced graphics, HDR lighting, global illumination and sub-surface scattering. Tablets that are Tegra K1-enabled will run under the new Unreal 4-based living room lighting demo and Ira facial animation demo. Mobile gaming is expected to rule the industry with this cutting-edge platform that will provide gamers a real-life gaming experience. The Tegra K1 is for all types of mobile games including realistic games, classic games and gambling games such as no deposit bingo.

Technology is amazingly high-speed and catching up with its trends is truly overwhelming. From primitive black and white 2D Games in 1972 to the first 3D game in 1981 and 4D games today, we can say that technology evolved through the years and made the gaming industry truly fascinating. If the today’s gaming world is excellent, what else is left for the future? The best is yet to come. While innovations invade the mobile gaming industry, gambling sites continue to multiply.

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