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Amazing Spider-Man 2, The (PS3/PS4/XB1/360) Review

Written by Jazzking2001 - Owner on . Posted in Video Games

Knowing that this is a movie-based game, is it able to break the curse of those before it? Or will the curse be too strong to overcome and will it be a lackluster game?

As you would expect from a movie-based game, you will face the same villains that appear in the movie: Green Goblin and Electro. In addition, other well-known characters are included: Kingpin, Kravin - The Hunter, Black Cat, Chameleon, Carnage and Shocker.

The graphics did not wow me when I first loaded the game. I get that not all games have AAA graphics but still. I am playing it on the PS4, not the PS3, thus I expected the PS4 would look better. The city environment looks decent enough but the people, cars and so forth look really dated.

Sometimes the buildings look quite good while at other times you believe you are on the PS3. My biggest issues with the graphics are with its consistency. Sometimes they are tolerable, while at other times they are not. At least, your spider suit looks downright awesome. You have several different suits and they all look very polished.

The gameplay mechanics are pretty straightforward. One button is used to dodge incoming attacks, one is to attack, one to jump and the remaining button is to throw webs. I do like the changes made to general movement around the world. This new movement is called web rush and by pressing down a single button, you can move to a new direction very fast and effectively. I enjoy using web rush and it’s fun to watch my character move when using web rush. This is very important because there is free roam around the city, which has a good size to it.

There also has been another change to movement. The change was made to how you swing across the map. In order to swing around the map, you now must switch between pressing the L2 and R2 buttons. This simple change does a great job at making it feel as if you are actually web slinging. On a side note to movement, there are also dialogue trees when you interact with NPCs. I really enjoy these trees because they are an effective way to provide more information about various situations to the player.

I do believe that this game is a much better than its predecessor. I may have issues with graphics but graphics alone don't make or break a game. If you need a decent game to play, this game is definitely worth renting.