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Dollar Dash (PSN/XBLA/PC)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

Money, cash, cash and robbers, nefarious deeds and activities only likened by greed and the criminal minds alike. Dollar Dash is is a top down, multiplayer game, where robbers try and reach the cash goal before their opponents by using pick-ups such as weapons, aids and defensive items. The game supports up to 4 players and features three different game modes which consist of: Hit'n Run, Save the Safe and Dollar Dash with each mode having the same goal of reaching the dollar sign first.

First off, Hit'n Run gives you cash for knocking down your opponent. You can hit the enemy without them being knocked down but unless you are using a more powerful weapon, it’s fairly easy to dodge the attacks of some other weapons.

Save the Safe mode consists of picking up cashing and defending it, players hold a safe earning more and more cash the longer they hold it, much like 'Oddball' in Halo, with the winner being the one who reaches the target first.

The third and simply the most enjoyable mode is named Dollar Dash (Who woulda guessed!?). Robbers go against each other to collect cash that’s located on the maps or dropped throughout the game to deposit and bank in the designated trucks either when they appear or when it’s possible to. Players can hit others to collect their cash, collect and deposit small amounts at a time or be all out defensive and try to collect as much as you can all at once. This mode is the most I enjoyed most as it's well balanced, tactical and decent enough to be a game on its own merits. Careful how you go about though as the more money you carry, the slower you will move (just in real life eh?). So, choosing the right method of depositing the cash is key to success as well as using the best weapons to either attack your foes or defend what you've got.

The maps are nicely done, has a good amount of variety and compliment each game mode well - with some maps playing better on specific game modes than others. There's also an assortment of weapons to choose from with the ability to select specific weapons or use each and every one, which is where the game can get really frantic.

The graphics and presentation menus are nicely illustrated in the game along with colorful and cartoony characters along with appropriate animations.

Fortunately, you can also dabble in single player without needing to go online. You will go up against bots with three different difficulty settings to choose from. Unfortunately, even with the weakest difficulty setting the bots plays a bit too good for my liking. In Hit'n Run mode with most of the weapons selected and versus three bots, they were most of the time able to attack you leaving with you hardly any room to dodge, which makes the game feel unfair and kinder frustrating to say the least. This can be remedied somewhat by having less bots but it's less fun to play.

The game also has a diverse amount of customizations which includes appearance changes, victory dances, taunts, power-ups and the like. The accumulated or indeed 'stolen' swag you've stashed is added to your pot which you can use to buy said items. The good thing is that the player boosts are not overpowered which is great for online match-making, as in some other titles it’s almost impossible to play against veteran players when you're starting.

Overall, DD is a fun game, it has variety of game modes to play from and online mode when you want some more from it. Ultimately, multiplayer mode where the game shines as it's so much more fun playing against real opponents instead of bots.


(PS3 Review)

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