There are classics and there are controversial classics, in this case the latter. Giana Sisters will instantly spring to mind to gamers who have been around since the late 80's. Billed as the female version of Mario Bros, the sisters must battle their way through monster infested worlds littered with an assortment of obstacles that get in their way. Of course, due to its similarity with Nintendo's efforts, and with the big N breathing down heavily on the necks of the developers, the game was withdrawn from sales after a legal warning was issued by Ninty.

Since it's demise, the Giana Sisters franchise has evolved somewhat and was later released on various formats from MSX to mobile phone devices and even back on Nintendo's DS handheld system. The franchise has returned once again but now all in glorious and true HD via a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign.

As the story goes, Giana's sister Maria has been abducted in the so called Dream World. Maria's penultimate fate lies in her sister's rescue. Giana has developed a new skill which allows her to transform into a different persona in her dream. From the standard 'cute' to the more rebellious and 'punk' persona she can transform to from a touch of a button, your role is to use her abilities accordingly and rescue her sister once and for all.

The first thing that strikes you about the game is the visuals, the graphics are extremely shiny, vibrant and colorful to the extreme. Not only are they pretty they are detailed too. The levels throughout the different worlds are impressively themed. Character and enemy animations are well implemented too.

The second thing that will impress you will be the music. You see, since the original Giana Sisters that appeared on the Commodore 64 and onwards, the title was applauded for its compositions. I'm glad to say that the music is once again composed by the original musician that is Chris H