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Rotolla (iOS)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

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Think Tetris, think Super Hexagon, this is where Rotolla from Prior Games comes in.

Rotolla is a unique puzzle game inspired from past and present classics which adds it's own elements to the mix. The objective is to rotate or 'swivel' colored blocks and match them to their corresponding colors for them to create a line and disappear, as you progress the pace of the game will increase. Once the blocks are stacked-up, the game is over.

There are Classic and Time Attack modes to choose from. Classic involves playing until you die or if you are really good, even complete the game. Time Attack speaks for itself really and involves trying to attain the highest score possible before the timer runs out.

Rotolla is a immensely fun and addictive title, it is hard to describe the fun factor of it until you've actually played it. As you play and get accustomed to the game, you will start to plan your swivels and get some really nice placements of blocks and scores flowing.

The graphics are vibrant and colorful along with intuitive controls; tap left and right sides of the screen to swivel, tap the bottom-middle to speed-up block placement.

Also to note, the music in the game is really cool and catchy, done in a 8bit electronic style, it reminds me of a classic title on the legendary Commodore 64 :)

Overall, Rotalla is a great game, simple to get into and extremely hard to put down. Along with leaderboards, achievements and Time Attack mode, this will keep you 'Rotolling' for a while!



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