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Suspect In Sight (iOS)

Written by funkyellowmonkey (GP) on . Posted in Video Games

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Think cars, cops, villains and chases, yep that's pretty much cops'n robbers. Suspect In Sight from Jujubee Games Studio, takes a unique approach to the good vs bad guys genre. Cop shows like Most Wanted and Good, Cops, Bad Cops show car chases and the like, the most cool camera view that I like most is from the helicopter chase. This is where the game comes in, you take control of the chopper and your objective is to hunt the baddies down.

The presentation menus and in-game graphics are all nicely implemented in a comic-book-like style. So, straight in you go after a rather riskque briefing from a female officer. Events are timed, and as you chase down the villains the more you catch the more points and multipliers you get. Rounds are known as waves, as you you progress missions become available which are indicated as yellow markers on the map screen and game environment.

The sound effects are pretty spot-on too, with police banter and alerts during chases, it really adds to the atmosphere of the game perfectly. The music is cool too and quite catchy at times.

Missions are varied and fun to do, you could be escorting some VIP's down town whilst avoiding enemy attacks to hunting down a stranded boat along the coast of the city. As you accumulate credits, you can purchase and unlock other types of vehicles such as better and faster choppers and the like.

The controls are pretty straight forward, using tilt-controls, you go or chase in the direction of the villains, it doesn't take long to get used to and with a handy re-calibrate option in the game's hud, it's easy to get back on track if you lose control over an intense chase! Additionally, I'm glad to say that there are alternate controls than just tilt (as most games I have played, only offer one control scheme), so the game controls have pretty much everyone catered for, for me the best control is tilt as it feels the most intuitive. There's also a number of chopper camera views to choose from too, from close range to more scaled out views.

With a vast range of missions and over three cities Miami, New York and L.A which are eventually unlocked as you progress with enough points to 'level up'. SIS will keep you playing for a long time to come.


+ Great comical-style graphics
+ Nice police banter and sound effects
+ Lots of missions and modes
+ Leaderboards
+ Achievements
+ Easy to control and pick-up and play

- Some missions can be abit unforgiving



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